Sunday, August 23, 2009

2Buy (Part II)

After a long, slow, painful (mostly for us) death of our red Chevy Prizm we bought a newer car. About a week and a half ago I was driving the Prizm back home ASU in Tempe, and just right outside of the Poly campus my car starts to stutter. I started to pull off of the road and as I did that my tires locked up completely, the car behind me almost hit me. The car's transimssion went out as I was driving, and it happened to be on the day of Kaylene's wedding. Everytime I drive that car to and from Tempe something bad always happens. Two week prior to the transimssion going out, I did not want to ride the bus so I drove the Prizm to ASU Tempe. At 1:30 in the heat of the day I longboarded a mile to the car and get in and it would not start. I played around with it for 45 minutes trying to start it and concluded that it was not the terminal cables but the battery itself. No one was around me and so I pulled the battery out and started to walk to the nearest autozone which was only a half a mile away. Half a mile is not a long ways away, but carrying a battery which is way heavy in the middle of the afternoon is not fun. After getting a new battery I walked back to my car with the new battery and installed it and drove off hot, exhausted, and maybe even dehydrated.
But back to the GOOD news! We purchased a 2002 Jeep Liberty with low miles for a great price. The man we bought it from lives in Fountain Hills and is retired, and that means he pampered the car the whole time he had it. We gave it a bath, or I should say we took it to a salon where it was completely detailed and is looking great inside and out! I am excited since it is the newest car I have ever owned and it is still eight years old! I am excited about the 4-wheel drive!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Soccer - Thursday Co-Ed May 14th - Indoor Soccer - Barney Family Sports Complex, Queen Creek, AZ

Soccer - Thursday Co-Ed May 14th - Indoor Soccer - Barney Family Sports Complex, Queen Creek, AZ

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We are the Champions!

The Monsoons had an excellent undefeated season. The season came to an end last night with the Monsoons taking home the title. The Monsoons had a stunning victory over Team Shake'n'Bake 8-4. Todd scored within the first five minutes putting the Monsoons on top, he had one more goal in him. Mike had two goals in the first half creating a cushion, Scott had two goals, Jeff one, and Mimi who all season has been in the right place and the right time but could never finish finally got her first goal. It was a good game, team shake'n'bake tried very hard, but just could not overcome the highly skilled and talented Monsoons. The second half was very aggressive, shake'n'bake was frustrated and played rough. Later after the game I found out that number 26 on their team actually played wide receiver for ASU and plays for the Denver Broncos. To be honest with you, he was not faster than any of us, he was not in shape, he was just big. When he ran he sounded like a bull and had a brain like one too. Mike Horn checked on of the other players into the glass wall almost creating a fight. Fans could hear the players face hitting the wall and him saying, "You do that one more time I will kick your butt (the other word)." Scott has everyones back and shoved him in the chest exclaiming that this is soccer and if he can't handle it get off the field. After that moment team shake'n'bake unleashed their fury of aggressiveness, but it was all for naught....It's nice being champions and to make us feel good we get CUPS for taking home the title. In two weeks a new season begins hopefully better teams sign up.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

2 Buy or Not 2 Buy?

We own one car, a 1998 Chevy Prizm that is limping along. The good thing is that it has A/C, but we do not trust this car to travel any farther past Phoenix. The struts are all shot, it feels like we are riding on airbags just bouncing for five minutes after we hit a small bump. Our 58 pound dog put so much pressure on the back left window it will not roll up if we roll it down. The dog is too big for the back seat and is always wanting to come up front. His hair is everywhere in the car. When we have unfortunate souls in the back seat we have to let them out because the handles in the back have all broken off. The passenger in the front seat has to wait for the driver to open their door because that handle has broken off. If by some weird reason the door is locked the driver must unlock the car from the passenger, open the back door reach over and across to the drivers door to unlock that door. The front headlamp is missing a piece and falls backwards blinding the drivers infront of us at night. I am sure the list continues...but you get the idea.
I am in the young men's and we do a lot of camping, one campout per month, and it would be nice to take my own car. Let me introduce to you our ideas: Honda Element or Nissan Xterra. I am leaning towards the Element, because I like the idea that we can wash our car out with a hose after a camping trip or river kayaking. The interior is mostly waterproof making it ideal for getting dirty. It is a 4 cyclinder, but better gas mileage than the Xterra.
Let me know what you guys think? Oh and check out this page to see the Element.

Why another Blog you ask?

I started this blog to tell the other side of the story. My wonderful wife started a blog which is under I wanted to tell the readers what is going on with my side of the story. The details do vary between the two blogs, (, and Please enjoy, and have fun reading whatever will come next.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Biking in S.F.

During Spring Break (Woohoo) we visited my sis. in San Francisco. We did many things, but biking acrocss the Golden Gate Bridge was one of my favorites. We tried a lot of new foods, Erin tried Indian food (which she liked).

Monday, July 14, 2008

New Addition to the Family

We got a dog, he is only a couple of weeks old in this picture. He is so cute, he sleeps all the time. He is a German Shorthaired Pointer. He will have plenty of energy as time goes on.